Sabtu, 06 April 2013

Financing a small business, financing the future of Italy?

Growing and small businesses are an important part of the economy of Australia. Entrepreneurial commitment, openness and growth of companies, is the lifeblood of our internal growth. And small businesses, and nurtured in the right way, can become large enterprises that increase Australia’s standing in the global economy. Australia-multinational like BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and briers-could be the names on the lips of the international community, but it’s small businesses-employing 5 million Australians-who lead the country’s success in the coming years.

Maybe that’s why the Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan listen intensely local shopkeepers during the development of a Government policy for small businesses. The owners and employees of these companies is to know what is important to them. Understand their business better than anyone else, and they have a vested interest in its success both now and in the future.

The philosophy of Mr. Swan is in stark contrast to the way that many big banks treat the small business owner. The Federal Treasurer shall take the views and comments of small businesses and national political formula that will benefit from this important sector of our economy. It seems that, despite the fact that he cannot claim to those owners who speaks of ‘ knowing ‘, make efforts to know and understand their concerns and then act on them. More and more these days, the big banks, available on all major roads, appear more and more detached from the companies and their owners of which should have expert knowledge. Explaining the concerns and hopes, difficulties and the potential for a growing business to a business manager of the local bank, often falls on deaf ears. Maybe that’s why small and medium-sized enterprises are turning to small houses to finance housing for their needs.

Small businesses need nourishment and unfortunately the big banks are no longer able to do this. At a time when he needs a small business support and financial support of large banks have (despite their advertisements) appear in many cases to closed down and turned its back on the very activities that are helping to grow the Australian economy. It is important to understand the financier the vital importance not only to support the growth of small businesses, but takes the time to find the financing solution that is best for you and your unique business situation.

Finance professionals are more approachable. We feel part of the community we serve and take the time to know and understand our clients ‘ businesses. In this connection it is easy to see why we spend so much time listening to their clients needs, seeking and finding the best possible solution for them. Success begets success, and his success comes from helping clients to succeed.

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